A spooky new teaser from Nintendo poses a single question: Who is Emio?

Nintendo Just Surprise-Dropped The Scariest Game Teaser Of The Year

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Now Playing: Emio - Nintendo Switch Teaser Trailer

Emio does have a listing on Nintendo's home page, which is also lacking in details. What it does reveal is that the smiling man's expressions can change. And as unsettling as his current look is, one of Emio's alternate expressions is even more sinister.

Now that the teaser is out, Nintendo will presumably clue fans in soon enough. But as far as first impressions go, Emio feels very unsettling and unlike the vast majority of the publisher's titles. Regardless, it would be intriguing to see Nintendo take a stab at a M-rated horror game, if that's what Emio turns out to be.

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