Here's where you can find the mysterious figure in Stardew Valley

How To Solve A Winter Mystery In Stardew Valley

Secret Notes

Secret Notes can be found while doing specific activities in Stardew Valley. These notes are distributed to you at random, but they provide different bits of information. They can tell you about villagers' likes and dislikes, give you a map to secret items, or provide knowledge to complete hidden puzzles. These notes drop as an inventory item, but once you read them by using the note while holding it, they will move to a special menu tab.

Secret Notes have a chance to drop while doing the following activities:

  • Chopping Weeds
  • Defeating Monsters
  • Chopping Trees
  • Fishing
  • Digging Artifact Spots
  • Mining Stone
  • Stumps, Logs, Boulders, and Meteorites
  • Giant Crops
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